Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mario Lopez: ‘i Can’t Imagine My Life’ Without Kids

I never knew I had such feelings inside of me, Lopez, 40, told PEOPLE before hosting a fashion show to launch the new Palm Beach Outlets in West Palm Beach, Fla. on Saturday. No matter how rough my day has been, when I get home and hear my children yell, Daddy! I feel so much better. Even though life has changed dramatically for the popular television personality, he and wife Courtney are enjoying every minute spent with their 5-month-old son and daughter Gia Francesca, 3. One of the best times is first thing in the morning when everyone is energetic and ready to roll out a new day. I always have breakfast with the kids, Lopez tells PEOPLE of his daily life in Los Angeles. Courtney usually cooks a breakfast of waffles and oatmeal, and we all seem to be in a good mood. Both of the kids giggle, and its so much fun watching Dominic eat his baby food. He just loves it, and hes getting chubby. At the end of the day, when Lopez returns home from work, he enjoys sitting down to dinner with the family. After catching up on the news, the doting father gives Gia a bath and brushes her teeth. Dominic goes to bed, then Gia and I read or play or do something to wear her out because she has an abundance of energy , Lopez, who bought his daughter flowers and candy for Valentines Day, says. She loves to sing and dance and has become a real night owl! On weekends, Lopez likes to take Courtney and the kids to the park for strolls and out to eat at various restaurants. Gia even gets to see movies and ice shows with her dad. She also enjoys lots of fun family activity in Orlando, the city where Lopez shoots many episodes of Extra, often for more than a week at a time. We really love traveling with the kids, he shares. We take DVD players to keep them occupied. And Gia loves to move around to new places and see different things. Both children have passports already. Lopez is so happy being a father, he is even thinking of expanding his family further. Being with Gia and Dominic gives me the chance to be a kid all over again, he says. All of a sudden I have two amazing playmates. I cant imagine my life without children. Linda Marx
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Monday, February 17, 2014

funny Groom Speeches - Learn Tips On How To Put In Writing

Are you looking to write a funny groom speech? All Grooms are. Typically the best man speech could be the funniest wedding reception speech, but the groom's speech is often pretty funny as well; I guess it is simply a man thing.

Funny groom speeches are wonderful when talking in regards to the best man or stories, but grooms also have to to remember their lovely bride. Even during a funny groom speech, the groom should still be sweet, loving, and kind towards his stunning new wife.

When aiming to write a funny groom speech, be prepared. You will have to incorporate the perfect amount of hilarity within your speech. A lot of can be a disaster-while too little would just be embarrassing. You should keep in mind the official setting (your wedding) and the range of guests (many age groups, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc.). A great guideline to get a funny groom speech is to be more light hearted and laid back than the father of the bride's speech, but less funny than the best man speech.

While the best man speech has hysterical, uneasy stories, a groom speech should have one-liners, but absolutely not clichés… funny wedding jokes can be correct, but keep in mind to include a number of seriousness in your speech as well. Don't make your wedding ceremony a joke; this is the rest of your life we're talking about here.

Tips for Funny Groom Speeches :

Funny groom speeches must always start out with a funny, one-liner joke to catch everyone's interest. Then, on behalf of your wife, you have to express thanks all the guests for their support.

Now you have to thank your wife, after all, she is the woman that has made this all possible. Explain how you first met, some romantic stories (engagement?) and maybe your first impressions of one another.

From here, you are able to move into regular activities you two share and explain what makes you two click so well. Why is this love gonna last forever?

Compliment your wife, tell her how handsome she looks and how you look ahead to waking up to her beautifulness day-after-day for the remainder of your life (try not to be too cliché). After you have thanked the bride, go on to thanking her mom and dad, and then your own mom and dad. Thank them for how fine they raised both of you and for their support (this is also an appropriate moment to present them gifts).

Next, thank your best man. Thank him for being there to support you and being such a big part of your life (this is an suitable time to be funny).
In addition, on behalf of the bride as well, thank the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and pageboys.

Also, thank any other helpers in the wedding. If any person contributed financially or just with taking photographs, thank everybody who made this day as beautiful and perfect as it was. End your wedding speech with a short memorable quote, joke, or limerick that references to yourself and your partner. This should be sweet, memorable, and caring.